John Michael Walsom is a Toronto area musician, teacher and composer.

    John's musical training began at age 8, studying classical piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music.  During  his formative years he played with many, many bands and musicians covering various styles from country, blues, rock, jazz to thrash metal.  In 1991 John enrolled in the Jazz Studies program at Humber College and so focused on composition.  Upon graduation he took his education, keys, guitar, and bass around southern Ontario playing in various settings, bands, and styles.

    Of the many projects John Michael Walsom has been involved in are The Salads 1998 album "Meanwhile...The Salads", Poor Marqus, incidental music for Allison Wilmarth's 2008 independent feature film "A Thousand Hills", original music for the Toronto Fringe Festival Play starring Jeannette Choueiri "And The Rabbit Runs", Revolution (Orillia Beatles Festival 2010/11), as well as 2009's A Summer Evening's Music featuring compositions for string quintet and soprano.  



     Music is a natural human endowment.  A way of communicating what is felt at our most deepest levels, connecting people to others as well as themselves.  Making music is a great joy and skill to be fostered and nourished throughout one's life, to share and enjoy.

     The foundation of my teaching is to focus on listening - listening to the sounds around you, the music, life as well as to yourself.  With a firm grasp of the fundamentals of music and your instrument, you will be able to forge your own path in music as you grow as a musician.

     Beyond the basics I ask my students for their passions and interests in music and from that we can chart out a course of study that is most beneficial to their wants and needs.  I set up a structured and focused practice to allow the student to leave the practice room and go out and make the music they desire with confidence and beauty.